AMANI HOSTEL is an  organization based in Tanzania, that places volunteers from across the world willing to assist in various welfare projects in schools, hospitals, orphanages, monasteries, and community/government organizations with an aim to educate and help influence the life of the deprived throughout  Tanzania, Africa 

   We encourage students, professionals, businessmen, social workers, and other organizations to step forward and volunteer in devoting some of their time to improving the lives of the underprivileged. To support the enthusiasm for volunteering, the volunteer is offered adventure holidays, wildlife safaris, and language and cultural experience programs such as medical, teaching, and orphanage experience.

   We provide all the foundations for our volunteers and appreciate their loyalty in their duties so in return, we offer travel opportunities, and exploratory expeditions and train people in specific cultural or pragmatic aspects for the development of their future.   

   AMANI HOSTEL facilitates opportunities for individuals, students, groups, and gap-year students.   Adventure holidays, wildlife programs, language, and cultural experience programs such as Swahili Language Study Abroad are just a few examples of the varied programs available.

Live and work in Tanzania. Volunteer projects start year-round and last from two weeks to a year. Opportunities exist in teaching, health care, conservation, community development, medicine, journalism, and more! Programs are for ages 16+.

Amani Hostel also facilitates opportunities for individuals, students, groups, and gap-year students.   Adventure holidays, wildlife programs, language, and cultural experience programs such as Swahili Language Study Abroad are also offered.  The month-long orientation includes intensive language study.

Experience the difference in Africa where Participants have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects in schools, colleges, orphanages, hospitals, health clinics, monasteries, and Community and government organizations.

Your Program fees will include personalized Volunteer Placement, Project Donation, language instruction, cultural education, Meals, Accommodation, and transportation to and from all Amani hostel placements and programs, pre-departure guidance from Amani hostel headquarters staff, 24-hour access to in-country staff.

Dates: Start any day you choose. Flexible dates and durations of stay. Available throughout the year, from 4 weeks-3 months+. You pick your start and finish dates.

Cost: Costs vary depending on the length of stay. Starts at $500usd for 4 weeks including accommodation, food, transfer from the airport, full pre-departure support, local in-country team support, and backup, and 24-hour emergency support, Please inquire or visit our website for current pricing, we also offer fundraising support available on resources.

Program fees support our host community economies in the form of project materials purchases, local salaries, host family payments, and local purchases. Program fees include full room and board, domestic transportation, 24-hour safety, and medical services, local culture, and language classes, and funding for development projects and internships. The program fee also includes multiple cultural and adventure activities.

Community Development Program in Arusha, Tanzania Project. 

Community Development Project in the Maasai Bush

Project Overview

   This project is a great way to get a broad and diverse experience of volunteering in a community development project in Africa and gain a great cultural experience at the same time. This project is involved in a number of welfare and development programs so giving you that broader volunteering and learning experience. 

   The project involves a two-day orientation in Arusha and a briefing of the project to come. A Swahili lesson will be given to help volunteers intenerate better and have a more profound effect on their work. 

   The project then takes volunteers to a remote village located near Lake Manyara, deep into the Maasai steppe. Here volunteers will participate in the following programs:

  • Teaching – Plan and implement English, Sports, and Healthcare lessons in a Maasai primary school. Work with a volunteer coordinator and Maasai Translator in creating an effective teaching plan for English and healthcare lessons. The children at the Maasai primary school are under-educated and are not receiving the proper attention that they need. Most days they receive up to only 2 hours of teaching per day. 

Health care is very primitive in the village and most can not afford to treat simple illnesses. Many of these diseases and illnesses can be prevented with simple healthcare education. We intend to educate the children in this area so that they can prevent and reduce potential and unnecessary health issues. 

Sports and recreation sessions in the school are a time where more than often the pupils are left to their own devices with no equipment. We aim to provide productive sports sessions and equipment for the pupils and develop their physical fitness and skills. 

  • Maasai Educational Community Outreach – Volunteers will spend a good amount of their time living closely in the Maasai village and will get to know the community members well. This includes getting to know their culture and their hardship. The community is poor and often only survives on livestock. Education is minimal and tourism and conservation concerns are pushing these people out and reducing their lands for their livestock to graze on and to find water and live on. 

Many of the Elders and warriors want to learn English and business skills but can not afford to go to school. The Maasai women also want to learn but are confined to their homes and attending to their role in their society which comprises of child care other home activities. 

   Learn from the truly unique sustainable life style that they lead and understand more about their needs. This program is here to bring about a better understand and awareness of one another’s cultures.       

            This is a chance for our volunteers to engage in a relationship with a few of the  Community members and for us to teach English, Health care, and any other.          

Previous experience or qualifications we have, such as teaching, business,             agricultural, animal husbandry, irrigation qualifications.  

If Volunteers feel they have no previous experience in these areas then there is plenty of practical work to be involved with in the village such as building work on the water project or village school development. 

  • Orphanage Care and Development – We work with Majengo Children’s center where currently 120 orphaned children, aged form 6 months to 14, live. The center has to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education, and guardian support for all these children. This is a large responsibility and also costly. Much of the running costs are funded by volunteers and visitors. Each volunteer that participated in this project, We give a donation to the running of the center. 

Volunteers will assist in the running of the Orphanage. This will include the following activities:

  • Teaching Lessons to the day school pupils and assisting with home work for those whom are educated in the local primary schools. 
  • Leading recreational sessions in their free time, in terms of story reading, sports activities, singing songs etc… 
  • Small building projects in the centers grounds. This can be an organic garden, chicken coup, playing facilities or small building facility.  
  • Emotional care and support. With so many children at the orphanage the orphanage support workers do not have the time to tend to all the children’s emotional needs and many go unchecked.  
  • Decorating the Orphanage building in terms of paintings and educational posters. 

Extra Activities Included 

   During the weekend our project volunteers have some time off to relax and get to enjoy some of the wonderful things to offer in area that they are staying in. This includes taking a cycling ride up through the banana plantations and forest of the Great Rift Valley wall. Arrive at the Rift valleys waterfalls and swim in the natural pools. 

   Take the chance to see some of Tanzania’s great wildlife by going on an afternoon’s safari trip deep into the Maasai steppe. Whiteness Elephants, Giraffe, Zebra, Gazelle, Ostrich, Fish Eagle and a diverse range of other Tanzanian wildlife and bird life.  

   Spend a day by the poolside taking in the African Sun, and beautiful environment spending some hard earned rest after the weeks work. 

   Visit the local Maasai market and immerge yourself in their culture, foods, drinks and then after join a Maasai celebration with song and dance. 

Location, Accommodation and Food

  The first 2 days will be located in our volunteer house in Arusha. The volunteer house will allow you to meet other volunteers who are on the same project as you or working on other projects in the area. It is a great change to share ideas and support one another in you experience.

   The house provides a comfortable, safe, homely environment and includes shared living facilities, running water, hot showers, western style bathroom facilities and TV/DVD sitting room for rest and recreation in the evenings. 

   The Accommodation for the rest of the stay will be located in Nduruma ward  in Arusha and will be simple shared or single living arrangements with shared Bathroom facilities. 

   Three meals will be provided each and every day at both accommodations, and normally consists of a variety of local-style foods, Meat, seafoods and vegetarian options.

Project Dates  

1st July 2023

7th October 2023

7th April 2023

7th July 2023

6th October 2023

2 – 6 Weeks


There are no specific qualifications needed to join this project


This Program is open to World Wide Participants. This Program is also open to Families, Couples, and Individuals. It is helpful for the volunteers to learn some basic Kiswahili/Maasai language. When you arrive at you project placement the volunteer coordinator will give you an introduction.



A volunteer’s work day on this project will generally last between 4 and 6 hours and while we ask all volunteers to be flexible in this regard, a typical daily schedule is likely to go something like this:

  1. 7:00 am Breakfast at the volunteer house.
  2. 7:30 am Bus to your project site.
  3. 8:45 am Pre-start meeting with the project supervisor.
  4. 9:00 am VOLUNTEERING DUTIES START. -A tea break and lunch break will be fitted in during the day, but often the timing of breaks will change based on the needs of the local staff and the number of volunteers on hand.
  6. 3:15 pm Debrief with the project supervisor.
  7. 3:30 pm Bus back to the accommodation-Evenings Volunteers is free to explore the local area, check out the multitude of local restaurants, bars, and cafes, or relax with the other volunteers.




Contact: Amani hostel, P.O.box 14,950, and Arusha-Tanzania.
Call us today; Toll-free +255 767 707 352 or +255 784 707 352
Email: info@amanihostel.net
Website: www.amanihostel.net 

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