How to volunteer abroad as a group

Applying to volunteer as a group is simple! Once you have decided where to volunteer and which project your group would like to join, you can apply online. It’s free, only takes a few minutes and there is no commitment needed at this stage.

  • Large groups of 8 or more can get program recommendations from our Groups Team who will support you through the application process and help you plan your group trip.
  • Small groups of less than 8 can get program recommendations here. One person from the group needs to apply first to create the group. Then they can invite the rest of the members of their group to complete an application.



    Date of Birth
    Gender Address Postal Address Town/city> Other Personal Details Qualifications relevant to volunteer project Language Have you been referred to Amani hostel by Amani hostel Ambassador or Amani hostel Have you ever volunteered with Amani hostel before? Are you planning on volunteering in more than one country on this trip ?

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