What do I need to pack?

What you wear will depend on the placement you choose. If you are working with general school maintenance, old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty would be ideal. Otherwise, lightweight smart-casual wear is fine. Please avoid very tight, short, or revealing clothing. There is a second-hand clothes market nearby selling items at very cheap prices should you require extra clothing.

What would you recommend to include?

  1. Sleeping bag or bedding, sheet/small pillow
  2. Mosquito net – Can be purchased in Iringa, much cheaper than in Europe
  3. Malaria pills – Can be purchased in Iringa, much cheaper than in Europe
  4. Unlocked mobile phone. You can purchase a local sim card on arrival, making it easy to keep in touch with your project coordinator, other volunteers and greatly reducing the cost of calling or texting home. A sim card currently costs approximately 1000 shillings, which is just under 50 pence/ 40 cents.
  5. Mosquito repellent (50% Deet)
  6. Sturdy footwear: lightweight walking boots/ trainers
  7. Lightweight jacket and sweater
  8. Hoody/cardigan for chilly nights
  9. Small rucksack for everyday use
  10. Hand sanitizing gel
  11. Basic travel first aid kit
  12. Sandals
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Suncream
  15. Imodium tablets
  16. Aspirin
  17. Other optional suggestions:
  18. Playing cards
  19. IPod/ MP3 player
  20. Torch
  21. Piriton (for mosquito bites)
  22. Laptop/ notebook

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