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Tanzania is a fascinating country to visit. Tanzania’s riches include a plethora of world-famous national parks such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater, filled with the highest concentration in the world of the world’s most famous wild animals. Travel to the coast and laze on golden beaches that drop into the crystal clear turquoise of the Indian Ocean. Travel across to the mysterious spice island of Zanzibar and visit the island that was once the center of the spice trade with the world.

Volunteer work since 2010

Amani Hostel is a local based affordable hostel accommodation in Arusha offering or organizing  volunteer programs placement, Internship Abroad, Safaris programs and a travel organization established in 2010 and we do only works for Tanzania. Our aim is to promote people to travel, explorer and serve.

Amani Hostel has no economical, religious or political strains. In order to reduce administration costs, communication is only by e-mail. This enables us to work at odd hours, regardless time zones and answer your questions with short delay.

Our projects are based in Arusha, the gateway to Mount Kilimanjaro! Arusha sits in the shadow of this mighty mountain and this advantageous position means that it’s ideally placed for those that many fancy having an attempt at its towering summit.

Like the rest of Tanzania, Arusha is a fascinating mix of cultures. African, Arabic and Indian influences are all packed together and evident in the city’s streets, people and its historic buildings.

If it all gets too much, the spice islands of Zanzibar and the magnificent beaches of the Indian Ocean are only a short trip away.

Most of our volunteers stay together in the hostel or volunteer house in Arusha, just a short commute from Arusha. Edward has a large building attached to his house which accommodates up to 8 people (when double beds are used), or up to 32 people during the busy summer period when bunk beds are used.

The accommodation is in the peaceful Arusha area. This means that the accommodation is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Arusha to be relaxing but also close enough and a short 20-30 minute commute for most of our placements.

The accommodation is unique in that it means that the majority of volunteers can stay together in group accommodation, but also retains a family feel.

In the evenings you can sit and relax with your fellow volunteers and gaze at the imposing Mt Meru which you can see from the veranda and on a clear day you can also so see Mt Kilimanjaro.

The accommodation provided is very comfortable and spacious. The living room and bedrooms are equipped with fans. There is always electricity and plenty of water even though it may not always be running. Your meals will be provided at the accommodation.

Whether you are on a journalism placement, teaching or working in hospitals, all the placement participants stay together in the same area which means that you are never far away from someone to socialize with in the evenings or travel with at weekends. The standard of the accommodation will basic and not be what you are used to at home so please don’t expect all mod cons, but it will be clean and tidy.

Our local manager in Tanzania will be on hand during office hours if you have any general queries and only a phone call away outside office hours if there’s something much more urgent.

Weekends are free and, depending on how many volunteers are overseas with you, you are based in the same accommodation which means that you can easily go travelling at weekends. Our location in Tanzania means that you are close to some of the Tanzania’s most popular attractions.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is very popular and recommended for a long weekend break but it can be expensive. We recommend that you acclimatize for a week or two before attempting the climb to save yourself from any potential altitude sickness. Permits and guides mean that a climb can cost over £500 so budget accordingly.

Further afield, you can visit the spectacular coastline, which is without doubt one of the most beautiful in the world. Travel across to the mystical spice Island of Zanzibar is also recommended.

No visit to Tanzania would be complete without a trip to one of the spectacular National Parks. If you’re with us in the summer you may just catch the Wildebeest migration!


The most pleasant time of year to travel to Arusha is during the cool dry months June through to October. At this time of year, temperatures will peak at around 20-25 degrees, dropping to around 10 degrees at night.

Tanzania will experiences two wet seasons (March to May and November to January). The rains are unlikely to be a deluge, most of the time they are a short sharp period of intense rainfall.


You will have weekends free to travel and visit the sights so do take some spending money for food, accommodation and souvenirs.

Exactly how much to take is a matter of great debate but most who have travelled to Tanzania recommend that you could probably get by allowing £50-75 per weekend spending money. If you can, take a little extra just in case to allow for emergencies or those ‘must have’ souvenirs.

You cannot get Tanzanian currency outside of Tanzania so it’s best to take your spending money as travelers cheques or cash. Credit and debit cards are not widely accepted in Tanzania. You can usually draw money out of ATM machines on credit and debit cards from most banks in Tanzania but this should not be relied upon. Visa cards are the most widely accepted although cards with a cirrus symbol can also be used.

Travelers cheques are the safest way to carry your spending money to Tanzania as they can be easily replaced if lost or stolen. In our experience we’ve found that American Express travelers  cheques offer the best service but most travelers cheques are accepted. It’s probably best to avoid ‘Thomas Cook’ travelers cheques as some banks do not accept them.

However, do take a debit or credit card (preferably a Visa card) and some cash with you as travelers’ cheques are difficult to change (often requiring hours of queuing in banks).

You can take cash as sterling, Euros or US dollars. All are easy to change in Tanzania.


Please arrange flights into Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO). There are a reasonable number of airlines to choose from. From UK regional airports, KLM is also convenient, flying from various UK cities via Amsterdam, again every day. We advise you to shop around, however, as competition is strong and deals change on a daily basis.

Tanzanian food includes a little meat, chicken or fish with rice and some fruit. Showers do not always have hot water. Don’t expect luxury!

Below you will find descriptions of the voluntary workplaces. Tasks and working hours differ from place to place.

Before you go

Even though Amani Hostel always tries to give the best service, also in Tanzania, don’t expect European living standards or precise work schedules. It is a big challenge to live and work in a poor country. It demands courage, some experience, and the ability to adapt. It can be overwhelming, especially at first, to have to adjust to completely new conditions, communicate in a foreign language, etc. Things are not as you are used to, the climate, the food, the atmosphere – everything is different. During your work, you will be faced with a harsh social reality and experience things a tourist would never see.

To take part in the voluntary work program, maturity, flexibility, independence and the desire to do social work are necessary. Your stay is an experience you will never forget. Volunteering in Tanzania enables you to explore both this great country and yourself.

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