As well as having (entitlements) it is also important to remember that we must assume certain responsibilities. Here are some simple guidelines to help you avoid making mistakes and maintain the integrity of AMANI HOSTEL as an organization providing responsible volunteers.


  • Always arrive at your project on time and dressed inappropriate clothing
  • If you are going to be late or are unable to go to work please inform your project manager or cluster coordinator
  • Make sure that your project manager or cluster coordinator know which date you are working and which days you are off
  • Keep records of what you have been doing so that future volunteers can see what you have done before and pick up from where you have left off.
  • Complete the full term of your placement


  • Please familiarize yourself with the house rules
  • Let your host know when you will be at the premises and when you will be away
  • Do not offer accommodation to anyone else unless you get authorization from us
  • Breakages and any damage are your responsibility
  • Be mindful of your noise when you are returning to the house in the evening Make sure your behavior does not cause offense to your host or neighbors. You should not be playing music or making a lot of noise after 10.00 pm in your room.
  • Please remember to turn off fans and lights when they are not needed. eg. When you go out.
  • You are provided with three sets of bed linens please wash your apartment clean and tidy ask the host family what you should do with your rubbish
  • If you move furniture onto the balcony, Please make sure it is returned indoors. If it is stolen it will be you’re responsible.
  • At the end of your stay don’t forget to hand in your keys. If your keys get lost please tell your landlord immediately and make arrangements to get a new set cut. This will be at o your expense.
  • Use the telephone provided for incoming calls. In case of an emergency ask the landlord if you can use their phone or where the nearest call box is.

If you would like to have more information, please email us at info@amanihostel.net or amanihostel@gmail.com  

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