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Travel to Africa! Africa is the most spectacular of all the continents. It is diverse, with a lot of purity and variety and different from the other holiday destinations of the world. It helps one to come close to nature. With the rich and interesting history behind it, it surely is an attractive destination. Being a paradise for wildlife lovers and a treat for those who love spectacular sceneries, the deserts, the mountains, the lakes, and above all the lively and friendly people, this part of the world is truly an experience not to be missed by anyone.


The history of the continent is very interesting and a massive subject. Many world-shaking events have happened in this part of the world. The early men and women have left their footsteps here and later when liberalization happened under the guidance of Nelson Mandela all form an integral part of the continent’s history. Many wars, civilizations, and conquests with the revolutions have shaped the continent into what it is today.

When to go?

The climate of the country ranges from tropical to sub-arctic. The dry season is the best time to visit and is favored by most tourists. The time of the year and the climate varies with the country one wishes to travel to. The best time for most areas is from October to March. The rainy season is a photographer’s delight and the bird watching experience is great too. For wildlife spotting, January and February are good.


One can take direct flights from European countries to reach Africa. Flights are available from other parts of the world also. Once you reach Africa, the national carriers can help you travel from part to the other. Stamina and patience is required to travel in the continent. One can use boats, cars and motorcycles, trains, buses and other means to travel from one part to the other depending on the distance and the cost involved.


There are many travel guides and guidebooks available on the continent which offer advice and travel information to the tourists to enable them to get a better understanding and plan a good holiday.

Where to go?

The main attractions here are the wildlife parks, the deserts, the beaches in some countries and the snow-clad mountains. There is something for every tourist. The country has a very rich culture and there are many festivals, music shows, visual art, spectacular architecture and also sports that one can enjoy on a holiday. The beaches have many water-related sports also for the entertainment of the visitors.


The urban centers of all countries have shopping areas for shopaholic travelers. Many tours are available for the continent and one can plan the trip and the complete itinerary keeping in mind the needs, the areas to be visited and the budget.


Africa is undoubtedly a great holiday destination because of its varied landscapes, wildlife, and natural beauties. With the hospitality and the great accommodation choices, it will always be a memorable vacation leaving you craving for more and make you return to experience it all over again.


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