Give a Maasai child the best start in life by sponsoring their enrolment at oldenderit primary school. For $25 per month or $300 per year, you can ensure a vulnerable child receives two daily meals and an early childhood education that prepares them for a mainstream primary school education, where all classes are taught in Swahili, the national language which they cannot speak.

Your contribution will directly support the operations of oldenderit primary school, which was set up to boost the education and future employment chances of local Maasai children. Unlike many child sponsor schemes, 100% of your contribution (apart from a small PayPal fee) is directed towards a child’s nutrition and education at oldenderit primary school

In return for your generosity, you will receive an online welcome pack, including a letter, sponsorship certificate and information about oldenderit primary school. You will also receive quarterly updates on the preschool’s progress. Your kind sponsorship offer will cover one child’s placement, however, instead of hearing personal updates about an individual child, you will hear about the progress of all the children attending the preschool.

One-off sponsorship donation of $300usd per year 

To make a one-off sponsorship donation of $300, click the “Donate” button below


Monthly sponsorship donation of $25 per month for 12 months in a year 

To make a monthly sponsorship donation of $25 per month for 12 months, click the “Subscribe” button

Please note that by clicking the above buttons, we will have access to your email address to send you the letter, sponsorship certificate and quarterly updates about the preschool.

For further information about our Child Sponsorship Payments, including what your money is spent on, please contact us at; info@amanihostel.net

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