MAMBO-Poa! Hello! And HABARI – Nzuri! How are you – Fine!

Students get free volunteer placement in Tanzania.

Before commencing your project in Tanzania we have set up a One-Week Intensive Swahili Course, which will run for the week prior to commencing your Project as shown on.

The cost of the 1-Week Swahili Course is $130 if you’re doing any volunteer project with us and if  you’re  not doing  another project with us then you can still do this course-Price: $500 per month and include  your food (excl. lunch) and accommodation) 

About Swahili

Swahili (also called Kiswahili) is a Bantu language the most widely spoken language of sub-Sahara, Africa. Swahili is the mother tongue of the Swahili people (or Waswahili) who inhabits several large strengths of the Indian coastlines from Southern Somalia as far south as Mozambique’s border region with Tanzania.

Swahili is spoken by millions of people in two main countries, Kenya and Tanzania, where it is an official language also it’s among of the official language for African Union Parliament.

Swahili time runs from dawn to dust, rather than midnight to midday. 7 am and 7 pm are therefore both one o’clock while midnight and midday are six o’clock. Words such as asubuhi ‘morning’, joini ‘evening’ and usiku ‘night’ can be used to demarcate period of the day, for example:

Saa nane mchana : (‘hour eight aftenoon’) 2:00p.m

Saa kumi usiku (‘hour ten night’) 4:00 a.m

Saa tatu usiku (‘hour three evening’) 9:00 p.m

More specific time demarcations include alfajiri na Mapema ‘early in the morning, usiku wa manane/matonge ‘late’ night/past midnight’, sunrise macheo and sunset machweo.


Swahili Program Structure

Classes are offered at three levels of Swahili learning, basic, intermediate and advanced. Students get a proficiency test to determine the level at which they should start. In addition to collage Swahili, offer special programs for children, Senior Citizens, Business people, Theologians and High School Students. Our programs are currently offered only from March 10 to November 26. But classes can be offered to student group of 3 or more at any other time of the year. Classes are quite intense and are offered for 3-4 hours a day, five days a week

Study Abroad Certificate

The course will run from 8am-6pm with breaks throughout the days. At the end of the course volunteers will get a certificate of their achievements

At the end of the program, you will be granted a certificate showing the total number of hours you attended lessons, the level of learning you attained and your scores. The evaluations scale for the Amani Hostel  Swahili Language Study Abroad Certificate? Is the Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

If you are serious about learning the Swahili Language including college-level Swahili, this program is for you. We charge you an affordable fee, which ensures we put quality resources into the program. With our Tanzania Swahili Study Abroad Program you are guaranteed quality and great return to your money.

Your Swahili Language course includes:

A textbook entitled English Communication Skills and Grammar and Grammar Communication Skills. This book is written by the Education Centre and is very helpful in covering the basics of learning Swahili. You’ll be given the book on your arrival on the course.

An introduction to Swahili, including the history of the language and about Swahili generally.

Speaking, written, reading and listening skills both practical and theoretical 

The course has a high element of interaction between students and the teacher and will contain lesson on vocabulary, grammar and language culture such as slang etc.

The course will comprise of an introduction to Swahili during the first day where by the volunteers will learn about the history of Swahili as well as how it is changing in modern day.

The course will then cover the 4 areas of language learning, speaking, listening writing and reading. Each day you will practice each of these elements whilst interacting with the other students and the teacher throughout the course.

The course will also contain content related to your specific placement for example care language or language and words used in schools, hospital and in local homes.

You do not need to bring any equipment with you, other than a pen. There is blackboard in each classroom and you will receive an exercise book for all your written work in as well as course text book on your arrival.


You will study in a modest language school in the center of the town, Arusha: “Arusha is the safari capital of East Africa, a bustling, vibrant town with the streets filled with 4×4 game viewing vehicles crises –crossing the potholed roads. Maasai warriors in full regalia stroll the streets, mingling with tourism in crisp khaki, fresh off the plane.”

The language skills you acquire from the course will also be useful on your weekend trips around Tanzania, and during your travels, after your placement, if you decide you want to explore more of Africa, as many of our volunteers do!


$100$ 130 per week – AMANI HOSTEL Volunteer

$400 – $500 per month – Non-AMANI HOSTEL Volunteer

Price includes:

Food &accommodation while on your project

1 T-shirt, if required for your project

All support and backup during your program.

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