We at Amani hostel aim to communicate as clearly and accurately as possible all holidays that impact project availability and project closures to volunteers. However, due to the nature of developing countries holidays can often be sporadic or prone to change directly affecting project availability and we ask our volunteers to be flexible and appreciative of this. This usually represents a unique experience for volunteers to enjoy in the festivities and holidays themselves and/or our local teams will always do their best to find alternative project work if applicable.

 This page is designed to provide an overview so you can be better informed about project availability and alternatives before completing your online application.

The exact holiday dates can change sporadically and on short notice and are never the same from one year to the next. Therefore, we try and provide the typical periods below within each country where holidays usually fall.

 In addition, there are many odd public holidays that can affect project availability across the year. This is not just limited to our community teaching and childcare projects, but can also extend to other parts of the project network within that country such as wildlife and medical projects. In these situations, volunteers should expect a free day with no project alternatives and a chance to immerse themselves in any festivities or celebrations that the holiday may bring.

The general school holidays in Tanzania are:

Spring – Two weeks in April

Summer – The whole of June

Autumn – Middle of September

Winter – The whole of December

 Regardless of the school holidays, there will always be English teaching projects running throughout the year that you can take part in. As many of the childcare centers we work with are day centers, there is always teaching opportunities available for volunteers to engage in.

 In general, the medical and childcare programs are open to volunteers all year round and are unaffected by the school holiday calendar.



Join an alternative project within the local community if applicable.


Take the time to plan and prepare activities for when the project restarts.


Join in celebrating the festivities and activities the holiday brings.


Spend some much-needed time recuperating and re-energizing the batteries.


The local team may arrange holiday camps for volunteers to lead activities.


Take some free time to explore the wonders the country offers.




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