Our programs focus on teaching and raising awareness to community members and school children on how to protect themselves from HIV and how to care for those who are already infected by AIDS. Our volunteer satisfaction ratings has consistently been very high, and we are committed to further improving our programs in other coming years.

As a volunteer under AMANI HOSTEL, you will be living with a host Tanzanian family for the duration of the program tomes as your main work tasks under the HIV/ AIDS Program will be dealing and during awareness campaign within your target community as most of your time will be spent teaching, lesson planning, and training peer educators, although you will likely also be involved in community assessment work within your village. 

Peer-to-peer learning has proven to be an effective model for behavior change communication among Adolescence people in African countries, and peer education is a particularly powerful method for reaching youths. AMANI HOSTEL’s peer education program targets both government and private primary and secondary schools. Peer Educators are nominated and elected by teachers and followers students, and they are among the brightest, most outgoing students in their grade.

Each peer educator program begins during an awareness campaign in the Program Area. Volunteers and program officers provide training for peer leaders and a three-day seminar for peer education teachers. 

AMANI HOSTEL field officers maintain a continuing relationship with schools and different community’s projects stakeholders, helping peer educators to organize special events such as PE Days, exchange learning visits, and competitions within and among schools: 

This requires that we teach the basic biological facts about the virus the progression of the disease in the body the primary modes of transmission, and the most effective methods of prevention, Via other techniques such as songs, dramas, debates, and poetry, those students engage other youths and encourage them to think critically so that they can choose behaviors that lower their risk of getting HIV. Empowered with life skills and educations techniques, peer educators can lead the way to a world without AIDS. 

We encourage students and community members to share with us what they had already known about HIV/ AIDS. This allows us to assess their knowledge of HIV / AIDS and design appropriate support for them as our main point is to help African Youth to think relationally about HIV/ AIDS and determine for themselves if what they are hearing is true.

AMANI HOSTEL  participants use different methods to get our message across including games, role-play, lectures, question and answer sessions, music, and skits. To convey basic information, an introductory talk is often necessary Participants should also be aware that many Tanzanians already know basic information about HIV/AIDS. It is imperative that MICA participants try to find out the knowledge base of the focus group.

Volunteers will be having the opportunity to help develop extracurricular activities in schools and groups including sports, drama, music, poetry, dancing, and other activities which can be utilized to build relationships with youth. 

Awareness HIV/ AIDS is an important first step forward to prevention, but without knowledge about how HIV is transmitted and prevented, young people are unprepared to take effective action to protect themselves and their partners.

Empowering young people with information about HIV/AIDS it helping to reduce transmission. Young people are the most effective voice in promoting responsible sexual behavior among the youth.

One of the keys to improving young people’s sexual and reproductive understanding is the challenges this group faces in getting the cervices they need. 


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