Congratulations on booking your Safari in Tanzania with us, we are very excited to be given the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for choosing us.

The most common way to book your Safari with us is to pay cash on arrivals to Arusha, Tanzania,So we do not require down deposit payment, So We will be collecting this amount from you, when we meet you for the briefing.

Option 1 – Paying Cash

The best way to pay the balance amount is cash once you arrive in Tanzania. And US Dollars are the preferred currency. Please make sure that the notes are printed after 2006, since only notes printed after 2009 are valid currency in Tanzania.

We will be collecting this amount from you, when we meet you for the briefing.

But here arises a common problem. Some are not comfortable in carrying such large amounts of cash. So, we offer other options as well to paying cash.

Option 2 – International Bank Transfer

In case you wish to make the full payment before you arrive, you can do a bank transfer to us. The bank transfer has to be done at least one month in advance. Our bank in Tanzania processes electronic payments very slowly and it takes them 2-3 weeks to release the payment to our account.

All bank transfer fees would be borne by you. So please make sure you instruct your bank to charge the transfer fees to the sender, and not the recipient.

Once you make the bank transfer, please send us the transaction details for our reference. Once the amount reaches our bank account, we will notify you and update your balance in the system as well.

Option 3 – Pay online with your card

You can also make the full balance payment online with your credit or debit card. This would incur a card processing fees of 7%. Also, since it takes 2 weeks for our bank to process this payment, we request you to please let us know well in advance.

You can pay the full balance amount online. Please let our team knows and we will send you a link for making the payment.


To summarize, the options for balance payment for your Safari in Tanzania are

  1. Pay cash during the briefing once you meet us in Tanzania
  2. International Bank Transfer
  3. Pay Online with Card (7% card processing fees)

We are actively looking at solutions to reduce costs and make this process easier. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.


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