Many of the economic strengthening programs Amani Hostel implements with its partnership in Sub-Saharan Africa focus on micro-lending and microfinance Amani Hostel provides funding and training to members of cooperatives or community-based organizations and HIV/AIDS Victims that take care of and support OVC so that members can create and/or expand their small businesses and increases their income. Loans can range from $100.00 – $23,00.00

Business include: tailoring mart, butchery stores, restaurants, agricultural cooperatives, beads jewelry, school uniform manufacturing, green groceries, and small kiosks.

Amani Hostel provides Specialized Business Training

Advanced courses for specific industries/trades that focus on topics such as accessing capital, to provide marketing and financial skills, business planning skills, strategic planning, product development, quality control, forecasting, and exporting technical training in the following areas: how to establish a business, market identification, how to create and use a balance sheet, understanding profits, and savings as well as opening a bank account, etc.
The goal of proving small entrepreneurs with funding and training is to increase income and, in turn, provide shelter, food, education, access to health care. Psycho-social support and legal services for OVC that live in their households.
Our baseline survey and annual report from just one area where we have implemented a micro-lending program have indicated that the majority of households have increased their income substantially and have directly benefited OVC in the following ways: increased consumption from 1 meal to 3 meals per day. Payment of school fees and uniforms for OVC and payment for OVC access to health care.

Volunteer Role.

All volunteers are matched to placements that match their skills, experience, and availability. Volunteers’ placements will be planned around a number of crucial tasks including: Coordinating the development of business plans, Undertaking market analysis and research, analyzing sources of income and funding and developing plans for achieving and sustaining successful business relationships, determining action plans with key milestones/timelines and associated activities, planning and liaising with staff on when and how resources will be used, Conducting stakeholder research, Planning budget, and business plan monitoring systems.

Skills and Experience – Volunteers with a range of strategic and business planning skills and experience have a lot to offer and learn from working with our partners overseas. In particular, we are looking for volunteers with the following skills and experience:

  • Experience in researching, writing (or contributing to) business and strategic plans.
  • Experience conducting stakeholder consultation, working across a number of organizations and levels of management
  • Experience setting and devising objectives, strategies, and tasks
  • Experience giving presentations and facilitating meetings
  • Experience completing and disseminating concise, clear reports within tight timescales
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

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