These volunteer programs are available to people of any nationality or skill level; however we do have a few requirements which you will have to meet in order to take part in one of our projects:

Being at least 18 years of age at the time of arrival;

Having a good knowledge of spoken and written English;

Being flexible and able to live and work in a completely different culture;

Being proactive and independent;

Being patient and creative.

Whether you are in a group, or you want to come by yourself, we can find the perfect project for you.


Our program runs from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 1 year. The most common length of volunteering is 3 months, as this amount of time will allow you to get comfortable with your new life and have and a deeper understanding of what it means to live in Tanzania.

We have experienced that long-term trips can be more challenging but at the same time can make a significant and long-lasting change in your life. If they wish, long-term volunteers can choose to work at multiple placements during their stay.


In order to effectively experience the local life in Tanzania, you will be placed in a local African family near the project of your choice. You will be considered as part of the family, and as such you will have to follow the rules that the family sets. These rules are also put in place to ensure your maximum safety during your stay.
As part of the fee that you will pay prior to your arrival, the family will provide you shelter and meals.

Although we do not recommend it, there is also the option of staying in a volunteer house.

What happens once you arrive?

After being picked up at the airport by our country coordinator, you will spend your first two nights at a hotel in Dar Es Salaam, so you can rest after the long journey and adjust to the new environment;

The next step is for you receive two days of orientation, where you will be given basic knowledge of Swahili, and of the country habits and rules;

Finally, you will be ready to start your adventure! If you are volunteering in Dar Es Salaam, the country coordinator will bring you to your host family and will show you your project. If instead you have chosen a placement outside of Dar es Salaam, the country coordinator will bring you to the bus station and you will then be picked up by a member of your project at your destination.


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