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A typical day on the program may involve a variety of activities, from teaching in a nursery school, working at the community education centre, doing a presentation on local charities that are in support of the projects in the region, teaching English to young adults, or even taking part in a games evening arranged by your fellow volunteers. Lesson plans are tailored in such a way that they provide for creative freedom and input from volunteers. These lessons may include elements of teaching children basic motor skills, arts & crafts, English and more.

Community involvement also forms a big part of this project, so you may be involved with more hands on work, related to the improvement of educational facilities, repairs and general maintenance required at schools and project locations.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with the community on environmental issues. You will play an active role in sustainable development initiatives, which could include beach cleanups, running health awareness workshops, building eco-bricks (in contribution of a larger initiative creating an Educational Centre in the village), planting trees, or even assisting with community gardening. The learning opportunities presented by this program are vast and will make for great additions to your CV when you return home.


  • Teach health classes and run workshops in the local region;
  • Immerse yourself in a completely different culture, in a remote location that hosts a variety of historical and cultural gems for you to learn about.
  • Get involved with local sustainable development initiatives, promoting greater environmental accountability by the local community;
  • On your free time, enjoy sunsets and BBQ’s on the base, which is located on the beach;
  • Get the opportunity to plan a Safari Blue Island Tour, snorkel and tuck into a picnic lunch with your fellow volunteers;
  • Make a contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to make an impactful contribution to the world by 2030.


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