Day 0: Arrival at KIA or Arusha Airport and transfer to Amani Hostel’s hostel or selected host family having a hot shower and another good facility – located in the heart of Arusha city.

Day 1: meet and greet Amani Hostel in-country staff members during the orientation of induction session about your Accommodation, your placement and Tanzania life and culture in depth; general question/answer sessions (volunteers are GREATLY encouraged to ask questions about their respective programs as well  any inquiries they may have pertaining to room/food, health, safety). ALSO: begin Swahili language program (2-3 hours).

Day 2: Swahili lesson continues (1-2hours), review of first day’s lesson, the practice of basic Swahili greeting words/phrases, video presentation covering wildlife in Tanzania national parks, Maasai local culture, Maasai people customs, Maasai ways of life as well Tanzania general culture contents.

Day 3: full day of exploring the wonders of Arusha city and Maasai Villages.

Tour of the city of Arusha, Tanzania’s largest tourist and volunteers center, city starting at the location of the symbolic and patriotic Clock tower point (Center of Arusha, passing through the Maasai Curious and Art Market along with the fire and the new Arusha Hotel road, followed by a visit to the Arusha museum the explore the beauty of botanical gardens,

Finally arriving at the famous Mt. Meru Hospital. The tour will then take participants to the city’s historical statehouse, the city’s local Maasai market and the secretariat building, Tours to East Africa office and Amani Hostel HQ in Maasai land, then to the Maasai villages and Maasai schools and hospital (the business – filled markets of Soko kuu  ?(Arusha central market).

Day 4: Swahili lesson continues (1-2hours: review and practice Swahili basic words, language practice, lecture by Mrs. Adam David (Amani Hostel’s Tanzania Project Manager) about program, history, culture, region etc.; short cultural program as well as travel to nearby beaches.

Day 5: Swahili lesson continues (1-2hours):  listening to traditional Tanzanian music (audio), cooking lesson, site seeing along with lunch at the village museum with opportunities to also observe the surrounding culture and its artists and craft people.

Day 6: a full day of Travel- Exploring Arusha national parks and going to Moshi.

 Arusha National Park, approximately 120 miles East of Arusha where you will see different animals, birds, and amazing waterfalls as well as viewing Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt.Meru from there.

In Arusha, participants can visit the German museum; and the Rwandan Genocide Trials court in Arusha, visit major coffee plantation farms in Arusha, Then visit Lake Duluti, Duluti forestry, and Olmotonyi forestry.

Day 7: Closing of Swahili/Tanzania cultural immersion program; evaluation of Swahili program; departure to respective projects sites; introduction to respective projective staff members,  host families, and beginning of respective programs.



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