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Zanzibar is a world renowned destination spanning across a series of islands on the Indian Ocean. It boasts some of the most extraordinary beach landscapes in the world. The marine dolphin research program, in particular, is based in the fishing village of Kizimkazi, where you will spend most of your days. The community hosts a diverse range of cultures, and in Zanzibar you are exposed to quite a difference experience in comparison to mainland Tanzania. Jambiani is a stunning, safe beach location where you will have the opportunity to explore village life. While on a stroll around Jambiani, you will constantly hear the phrase Karibu (‘you are welcome’), which sums-up the island way of living in a nutshell.


Housing for our programs in Zanzibar is provided directly on base in Jambiana, right on the beach. Your accommodation comes in the form of en-suite rooms with a balcony overlooking the sea, providing a truly unique island experience. Hot water, towels, pillows and bedding are provided as are shelves to store your personal items.


In-house chefs on base provide three delicious meals a day throughout the week. Most types of dietary needs are catered for, but please indicate your requirements prior to departure. Drinking water, as well as amenities such as tea and coffee, are available on base, with soft drinks being provided for purchase too.


You will be able to purchase a local SIM card when you arrive in Zanzibar, but it is important to make sure your phone is unlocked to allow foreign SIM cards before you arrive. Discuss this with your mobile operator a few weeks prior to your departure to make sure you are prepared. The volunteer house does have wifi available.


All airport transfers are included. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach the volunteer house in Jambiani from the local airport. Be mindful that any additional travels outside of your project work are at your own expense.


Jambiani has a tropical climate. Summers tend to be much rainier than in the winter, so ensure that you pack accordingly, depending on when you will be travelling for your program. Temperatures are fairly high year-round, in the region of 29 to 32 degrees celsius. Due to its proximity to Equator, Zanzibar is warm throughout the year and has equal day and nights (12-hours each), like most of the East African countries.


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